Saint Jude

  • Release date: 2012-04-20
  • Label: Cobra Snake Necktie Records/Love & Theft
  • Catalog #: CSNT07/LNT015

“If you only buy one album this year, this’ll be the one. Absolutely phenomenal. If you like the Jayhawks, you’ll love this.” – Lukie D, Everybody Moves PBSfm.

“Probably the best country rock LP to be released by a Melbourne band in many years. Fantastic recording, 12 tracks that are reminiscent of ‘The Band’. Extremely warm and classy production.” – Peter Stathopoulos, Vicious Sloth Collectables.

“Saint Jude have released a stand-out quality record perfect for long road-trips and feeling good in the guts.” -Jenny O’Keefe, PBSfm